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Vodice is located in Dalmatia directly on the Adriatic coast. Due to the wide range of tourist attractions, Vodice is the ideal holiday destination, where everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Accordingly, the place awaits you with its Mediterranean vibrancy, in a wide bay 11 km northwest of Šibenik, the center of the Šibenik-Knin County. Incidentally, a water source bubbling in the town center once gave the town its name. Today Vodice, with its 9,000 inhabitants, is mainly known for its well-tended pebbly beaches - and is now considered a popular holiday resort on Dalmatia's Adriatic coast all year round.

Vodice ferata

Šibenik von Vodice aus mit dem Boot besucht


Šibenik is the center of the Šibenik-Knin County in Dalmatia. Not only is the town famous for the 15th century stone cathedral of Saint James, decorated with 71 carved heads, which is listed as a World Heritage List on UNESCO's list. Moreover, the oldest monuments even date back to the 11th century. Consequently, it is always worthwhile to take a long walk through the streets of the old town. Basically, the city of Šibenik really charms every visitor with its many sights and irresistible charm and is always worth a visit.

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park covers most of the course of the river Krka. From Vodice the national park is approx. 22 km far away. To visit the National Park, it is best to use the well-developed walking and hiking trails that lead to the most beautiful vantage points. You walk through lush green forests, while countless smaller and larger waterfalls make their way through nature around you. Below the waterfall Skradinski Buk is also allowed to swim.

Krka Nationalpark, von Vodice ca. 20 km entfernt

Auf der Adria vor Vodice

On the sea and in the sea

There's a lot to see and do on the Adriatic. Whether on a day trip on one of the excursion boats or on a boat trip with a rental boat or perhaps only with the pedal boat on the way. There is always something to see on the Adriatic. And even under water, the Adriatic before Vodice shows its beautiful side. When snorkeling, one often sees one or the other octopus alongside different fish and other inhabitants of the sea.

And then there would be ...

... much, much more!
How about a bungee jump from a 40m high bridge, for example?
Or how about listening to the play of a sea organ or marveling at an extraordinary sun salutation? In the city of Zadar, wind and waves play a never-ending concert with the Sea Organ, and every night the "Sun Salutation" plays on the waterfront.

Or just discover Vodice and its surroundings with your own senses and experience your own personal dream holiday ...


Eis am Meer in Vodice